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I am not here to perpetuate the day-to-day gridlock that we all see that goes on in the halls of Congress. I am a firm believer of getting things done and getting out of the way of others to do their part. Congressman Don Young has been in office since 1973 and by many accounts to include my own has done a wonderful job and is a great congressman. However, there are shortcomings and gaps I want to fill. Congressman Young is not young anymore. Age 87, Congressman Young has a wealth of information, knowledge, and experience that can be of great value to pass on to the next generation and the next US Representative for Alaska.

As your next Representative, I will harness the plethora of skills, knowledge, and attributes that Congressman Young obtained and possesses, and continue to build upon that and put Alaskans first and take care of Alaskans in the US House of Representatives.

I seek to represent Alaska and their interests not only in the chamber in Congress, but across the country and even throughout the world. When I moved to Alaska in 2012, I fell in love and did not want to leave. Military duty forced my dreams to shatter and I vowed to return. The Alaskan people are wonderful people with uniqueness unparalleled to any other group of people in America. I am outlining my platform to the people of Alaska and what I will strive to achieve for the people.
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Randy Purham for US Congress - Alaska
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