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Abortion and Reproductive Rights

It is my firm belief that life begins at conception. It takes two to tango and create life. In the obvious exceptions of rape, medical emergency (life), and forced production through human-trafficking and/or incest; “Recreational abortion” should not be an option coming from tax-payer dollars or part of the conversation as a form of birth control. Fathers – provided they are involved – should have a right in their child’s life as well. Decisions to abort a child should be considered at the parent’s/mother own expense. I fully support the desire for women to have medical services available and accessible to them through traditional health plans and traditional medical facilities. To categorize selective abortive procedures beyond the aforementioned should not be part of that plan. We must teach, coach, and mentor the consequences of sexual engagement that will lead to the production of an unwanted pregnancy, not perpetuate, or encourage misguided and reckless behavior(s).

Randy Purham for US Congress - Alaska
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