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Over the past 20-30 years our American education system has seem to fall into a state of dysfunction and watered down academic works that will present a challenge yet an exciting eagerness to learn and become productive members of our society. The federal government should not be making cookie-cutter policies dictating what, how, and when children should learn. I believe that is the responsibility of the parents and the community working together to provide the type of curriculum that will best serve their children. Children should also have input as to what their interests are and the modes of learning that they are also comfortable with to help foster the attentiveness needed to want to strive further in their educational endeavors. 

Parents and Children should also have the ability to decide their format of schooling. School choice is a major proponent in the era of COVID and parents and students should be able to engage in constructive conversation with education administrators as to how they can collectively achieve the goals of providing quality education for them to be successful in life. 

I will propose legislation to direct equal recognition, access to opportunities and benefits to homeschooled communities as those that attended other traditional forms of recognized school options. Accreditation standards with homeschooled children meet the same criteria as set forth by the Department of Education, therefore, post-graduation opportunities should be equally available to those who are homeschooled. 

I will also propose legislation that will compartmentalize the Department of Education to cater to the needs specifically to the states and their needs; not to the needs of Washington bureaucrats.  

Randy Purham for US Congress - Alaska
P.O. Box 1719, Soldotna, AK 99669
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