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Term Limits

Our Founding Fathers warned us against career politicians and political factions (parties) and thought that public service should be for a period of time – not a lifetime – and they go home and be among their people. They also understood how beneficial some could be to serve for a long time. Ladies and Gentlemen, unfortunately they forget to make that a provision in Article I of the Constitution. We won’t see an Article 5 invoked for Term Limits in Congress any time soon. So, it is up to us to ensure these career politicians will have term limits imposed on them. They can pass the torch make things better for their constituents by bringing in fresh faces and fresh blood to minimize and eventually eliminate the swamp and the corruption that comes with it.

I fully support term limits in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate for a couple of reasons: 1.) An extended period of time in such position brings on complacency, detachment, and most of all room for corruption. 2.) Rotating members through Congress is healthy for the member and the constituency. Such practice will ensure a greater chance that the member of congress doesn't die in the seat and take with them the knowledge and experience of serving the constituency and they are able to pass that knowledge and information on to the next person. I support the United States Term Limits (USTL) movement and as a member of Congress I will be a fighter to bring forth a Convention of the States to amend the Constitution for such purposes. 

Randy Purham for US Congress - Alaska
P.O. Box 1719, Soldotna, AK 99669
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